I recall that adwords community summit 2012 was held in October 2012, quite a long while ago  now !  Anyway, i just wanted to share with the community the article i did in French previously (oh! my poor english,sorry about that ). So let’s look back at the contents of this annual seminar. The two days were organized around educational intervention players in the digital, technical, AdWord leaders, brainstorming workshops with the community about future improvements on the advertising program.

The community was really concentrated all day long ..even after ! Thanks a lot  Kai and many others for these pictures.

adwords communities 2012

Fig.0 Dinner time at Google Montail View

Interventions digital, web analytics and community management

Avinash Kaushik and inventory of communication and digital analysis

Avinash with his incisive verb which makes him a true guru in the world of digital analysis, author of books on web analytics, speaker, employed at Google, goes to the essential. He went to an alarming report of a fall in turnover in the world’s press (online and offline), taking caricatured examples of experiences. It outlines the pillars of analytics on a website, namely how to measure the influence of business on all media (online and offline), user experience, and concrete economic value generated by a user.



Fig. 1 Customer Value

The default recurring pattern is always the same analyze performance metrics such as clicks, page views, visits, traveled videos, emails without context. The debate, according to him, must be around the metrics related to the analysis of the behavior of the consumer throughout its life cycle (user centric) on all media. For example, to define the actual customer value, it is necessary to determine conversions (sales, re-buying and associated shopping carts) as well as rates of conversation (comments, discussions), amplification (viral, sharing) and recognition (fidelity likes, Rt,…), identified by the mark or the Organization on these targets, and this must be done through macro and micro conversions on time scales segmented (short, medium and long term).


Fig.2 Conversions mix for refining marketing funnel

Google analytics with Joanna Kim

Kim gave us a reminder of the place in the ecosystem of Analytics AdWords. Linking accounts, settings goals and imports in AdWords conversions, conversion tunnel and attribution  of multichannel conversions in the analysis.


Fig. 3 Kim Specialist Analytics Team

Business community manager at HP

Business community manager at Hp Katie Harris, community leader HP, whose headquarters is geographically close to the offices of Google, came to us and presented the way that it handles the HP community. This point of view was interesting to enrich the actions carried out by the AdWords community. How to attract new contributors according to their expectations? What actions to be taken in order to enhance the efforts of everyone? HP organizes, for example, “days of experts” in the world. HP has also met last March, its first summit of communities in San Francisco.


fig. 4 2012 San Francisco Hp Community


Improved support of  Adwords platform

Deepak Khandelwal, Vice President of worldwide AdWords services, then presented us an appraisal of the support and its close evolution. He stressed the importance attached by Google to target small and medium-sized enterprises and its willingness to improve help on AdWords product. Evidenced by the recent features of the chat, telephone support, as well as the reactivity of the email support, the handling of account AdWords by counsel, the number of languages covered (8 for the forum, 45 for the phone, 11 for cat, 43 for the online help). Much remains to be done, said Deepak!

Sophie Bromberg, head of online help center, community forum, and the editorial team, subsequently extended discussion with technical officials. Improvements in navigation interface, the importance given to the richness of using « Rich media » combining text, video, and screenshots in the media reflects a clear will of Google to see satisfied users of any type. moreover, for 2 years, said one speaker, Google has noted the growth without discontinuing internet viewing on mobile devices and non adaptation sites (60% bounce rate) and the commitment of YouTube as 2nd global platform. Faced with these challenges, AdWords is enriched with features to meet the needs of advertisers (recast display, AdWords for videos).

Quality Score

Jeff Cheng, at Google, came to demystify the quality score, its components, of which the bounce rate indicator is not a part for example. In short, not to focus too much on the value of the CTR, and  that the research network and the content are treated separately. Optimizations can be done by sorting the best performance (standby or delete ads deficient), a classic match between keywords, ads and landing page. The account history beyond campaigns is also a factor to be taken into account. The quality score is calculated by averaging over a set of ads on an exact match keyword, etc

Anti-spam compliance, validation ads

The intervention of David W Baker on the process of validation of ads was very informative, I impatiently expect the detail on the contents, considering my catch of notes was rather absent at this time. I only remember that the service since 2009 went up in potency to testify it  ..a figure multiplied by 10 on the number of suspended accounts, by 3 on the ads refused, and by 2 on the number of suspended publication sites.

New features 2013

I would remain elusive, this content is confidential, but I noticed not less than 14 new functions on the overall AdWords platform (including CMC, Editor). So, keep patience!


The representatives of the society Lithium, supplier of the technical platform of the community, displayed us review, and technical plans to come. This was a pretext to conduct a workshop on what we contributors would like to see improvements as a list of suggestions (document downloads, displays posts, integration with other Google apps, real time via hangout, one touch facility to one, etc…) and was subjected to the vote of the community.

Also treated as a subject in the shop, is « how to attract more people to the forum?” without compromising quality. Finally, which local concrete actions to set in motion in the field to do better to know the community (schools, numerical coffees, webinars…).

These two days were promising surrounded by a friendly team of Googlers. I would like to thank Natalia, our dedicated community manager, present at the seminar. To renew without a doubt.

Communities on Google+ 

After the  summit, before the « communities feature » come along on Google+ , a circle was born ..long life to him !

Fig. 5 Adw. Cty CIrcle on Google+

Happy Christmas and new Year also to everybody !